What Does A Google Ad Specialist Do?

What does a Google Ads specialist do

Let’s First Review What Knowledge And Skills A Google Ads Specialist Needs To Have And Then We’ll Go Over The Roles And Responsibilities. A Google Ads Specialist Should Have In-Depth Knowledge Of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business, Google Search Console, And Ofcourse Google Ads. A Google Ads Specialist Also Needs To Have Updated Knowledge Of The Google Best Practices, Ad Policy Updates, Market Trends And Stay Up To Date With Weather And Political Issues That Could Have An Affect On The Performance Of The Google Ads Campaign.

A Google Ads Specialist Will Do The Following Day To Day Tasks

Perform Competitor Research To Find What Type Of Online Marketing Strategies They Are Using

  • Perform Keyword Research To Find The Average Cost Per Click, Seasonalities And Recommended Monthly Budget. This Keyword Research Will Also Be Used To Create A List Of Negative Keywords
  • Create The Google Ads Account, Create The Campaign In Expert Mode And Create All The Applicable Ad Extensions.
  • Setup Conversion Tracking To Measure Each Lead Or Sale That Comes From The Pay Per Click Campaign. The Google Ads Specialist Will Use Google Tag Manager And Google Analytics To Create The Conversion Goals.
  • Review Google Analytics And Google Ads Historical Data And Use The Kpis To Decide Which Optimization Steps To Take.
  • Elaborate Bi-Weekly Reports For The Clients And Host Video Calls To Review The Campaigns Performance.
  • Adjust The Campaign Structure To Help Increase The Quality Score Of The Keywords

In Summary, A Google Ads Specialist Is In Charge Of Researching, Planning, Executing, Optimizing The Google Ads Campaigns. A Google Ads Specialist Is Also Responsible For Maintaining Communication With The Client, Reporting And Providing Recommendations On How To Scale, Improve And Expand To Other Services And/Or Markets.

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