What is PPC management and why your business needs it?

What is PPC management and why your business needs it?

Millions of advertisers invest in PPC management proving it’s a lucrative marketing option. However while many may have heard about PPC management, not many know what it actually is and how it works.

It’s only if you understand this will you be able to realize how you can benefit from it. So here’s a rundown on what PPC management is, and why your business needs it.

What is PPC?

PPC is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a certain amount every time online users click their ads. In other words, it doesn’t help companies earn organic visits but buys visits for your website.

Search engine advertising is a very popular form of PPC where advertisers bid for ad placements in search engine sponsored links. There’s a high chance of your ad showing on the top spot of Google’s results page, and this is the main reason your business needs PPC marketing.

Users who click on your add are directed to your website by PPC. This means you pay a minimal fee to the search engine to bring you this traffic. If you wonder whether it’s worth paying for each click, it depends on the PPC’s campaign effectiveness. Even if each click costs you $4, it is a minimal amount if it helps you sell a watch worth about $250.

What is PPC management?

You may have guessed it. Yes, PPC management is where a team of marketers manage your company’s PPC strategy. Their main goal and responsibility are to ensure you have an effective and affordable PPC strategy. PPC management can be done by the e-merchant, vendor or by dedicated specialist PPC management companies.

What do PPC experts do?

PPC management agencies have to conduct:

Keyword research
The PPC team has to do some keyword research and analysis to find and target the keywords and search engine queries your target market will most likely use.

Channel strategy or targeting

This is where the PPC team targets important key media channels like Google Adwords, Bing Ads affiliate networks or paid social media. Google Ads is usually used because it generates the most traffic, and maximum clicks, to your ads.

PPC marketers have to focus on keyword relevance, quality score, and landing page quality if they use Google Ads. Keyword relevance is using the proper ad text, lists and tight keyword groups relevant to your campaign.

Quality score is Google’s rating for your campaign, keywords and landing pages where higher scores get more clicks. Landing page quality is relevant and persuasive landing pages with clear call-to-action.

Monitoring for campaign optimization

The agency monitors search term reports to determine which keywords and queries are used the most in common searches. They also watch the overall ROI and use it as a guide to determine the amount paid and the ad buy potential.

They can then optimize the campaign by identifying, and then using the best keywords generating maximum sales or conversions. They even readjust your budget and spend more on these keywords.

Competitive analysis

They watch the strategies, keywords, and tactics your competitors use. They even uncover their ad creative to decide if you should compete directly by bidding on similar queries or by targeting the queries competitors miss.

A/B testing

The PPC team will conduct regular split tests of your landing page and new ads to optimize PPC ROI. They do it by interchanging text, graphics and other display variables to reach the most effective method.

Benefits of hiring an external PPC team

Though your in-house marketers can do PPC management, there are these benefits to hiring external providers like Media Spearhead.

Improved focus

Your in-house team has other things to take care of. However external PPC teams have only one task and can concentrate better on your PPC strategy.

Experts in the field

PPC teams are PPC experts, always doing PPC management and coming up with new strategies, techniques, and ideas to use. They use their expertise and knowledge to come up with a great PPC management strategy for your business.

Professional network

They are professionals in their field and have connections with other advertising platforms. They also know and have much more experience with PPC marketing than your team may know.

Now you know the importance of PPC management to a business, and why it’s better hiring an external team like Media Spearhead to take care of it instead of your in-house marketers.

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