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Fill Out Client Questionnaire

Once you sign up, the first thing we'll do is send you a client questionnaire with some basic questions. That information is vital for us to create the perfect campaign for your business.


Campaign Research

We will do our own research to see which are the most effective keywords we will be using on the campaign we create for you. Not only will we look at the paid tools we have to see what your competitors are doing, but we'll also look at other campaigns in your industry and see how they're performing.


Campaign Creation

This normally takes 3-4 business days because we make sure to create a unique campaign for your business. Not only do we pride ourselves on choosing the best keywords but also on creating the best ad copies & ad extensions to stand out from your competitors.


Campaign Presentation

We will share our screens and present everything we've worked on, for you to approve. We will grant you administrative access to this campaign although we will be the ones managing it 24/7.


Campaign Optimizations

The first 3 days are vital to make sure we are showing your ads on the top 3 positions and also make sure we are getting clicked on. After that, our main goal is to increase conversions on a monthly basis while decreasing our cost/conversion.


Monthly Reports

We will be sharing with you monthly reports to gauge the campaign's performance month over month. The reports are real-time and we personalize them to show you only what you're more interested in.


PPC for Lawyers


Specializing in Google ad campaigns designed for restaurant websites, our company excels in elevating online visibility for dining establishments. With strategic targeting and engaging ad content, we ensure your restaurant stands out in search results, effectively attracting potential customers.



We ensure your business shines in search results, effectively attracting potential clients. Specializing in Google ad campaigns for movers services, our company excels in boosting online presence for wildlife control experts.

PPC for Dumpster Services

Dumpster Rental

Optimize online visibility for dumpster rental services. Our tailored Google ad campaigns ensure you stand out and connect with potential clients.

PPC for Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal

Specializing in Google ad campaigns for wildlife removal services, our company excels in boosting online presence for wildlife control experts. We ensure your business shines in search results, effectively attracting potential clients.

PPC for Roffers


"Expert in Google ads for roofers, we optimize online visibility. Precise targeting and compelling content ensure you stand out, attracting potential clients."

PPC for Towing


Specializing in Google ad campaigns tailored for towing services, we excel in boosting online visibility. Our focus on precise targeting and engaging content ensures effective client attraction.

PPC for Restaurants


As experts in crafting Google ad campaigns specifically for lawyers websites, our company excels in enhancing online visibility for law firms. Through precise targeting and compelling ad content, we guarantee that your legal practice will prominently appear in search results, effectively connecting with potential clients.


View More Industries

Explore Diverse Industries with Our PPC Expertise! At our PPC agency, we specialize in tailoring Pay-Per-Click strategies for a variety of sectors. Whether it's healthcare, e-commerce, technology, education, or hospitality, we have the skills and experience to boost your industry-specific campaign. Discover how our targeted approach can elevate your business in your unique market. View more industries to see how our specialized PPC solutions can drive your success!

Position Your Paid Ads (PPC) on the Top Results of Search Engines

Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of positioning your ad on the top results of Search Engines almost immediately. Advertisers can place a bid on specific keywords to show their ad as one of the first options on search engines like Google and Bing

The bid varies based on how competitive the keyword is but it usually won't exceed one penny more than the other competitors have set as their max cost per click. Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to market because it allows you to target based on keywords, location, hours of the day, devices, and even by demographics and household income.


Generate Quality Leads in as Little as 72 Hours

PPC services can help small businesses generate quality leads in as little as 72 hours. PPC, or pay-per-click, is an effective and powerful way to get your business noticed on search engines such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. By setting up PPC campaigns, you can target the people searching for exactly what your small business offers -- making PPC an incredibly cost-effective method of advertising your brand. PPC services will advise you on budgeting, aiming to maximize ROI through campaign optimization. With PPC’s flexibility in terms of reach, targeting, and pricing; it’s no wonder PPC services are so popular among small businesses seeking to make potential customers aware of their products or services with minimum investment and maximum efficiency.


What is PPC management?

PPC Management is when a team of experts sets up and manages your campaign in the most efficient way possible to generate you the highest possible Return on Investment. Experts in Google Ads have excellent analytical skills, in-depth knowledge of Google's advertising polices, and they understand how each metric in the platform affects overall performance. Their main goal and responsibility are to ensure you have an effective and affordable PPC strategy.


Founded in 2017 by two renowned Google Ads experts from a Fortune 5000 digital marketing giant, our company has been a catalyst for growth, driving businesses toward success with innovative digital marketing tools.

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