How to Stop a Google Ads Campaign

Google ads campaigns are very useful when you know how to set them up correctly, and they can help you grow your business really quickly. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to set up a Google ads campaign correctly and this is your first time trying to configure a campaign or even if you still consider yourself a rookie, Google ads may also burn your money really quickly without getting you any good results. In this blog article, we will talk about how to turn off or disable your Google ads account for smart campaigns or when you’re using expert mode.

How To Stop Google Ads

First, you need to open up your web browser and go to Once you’re there, you will either sign into your account automatically (because the browser saved your username and password) or you’ll need to sign in manually introducing the email and password you used to create the campaign we want to turn off.

We’ll first show you how to pause your Google ads campaign when you have a smart campaign. Once you’re logged in to the Google ads platform, make sure you select the smart campaign you want to pause (this is only if you have multiple campaigns). Once you select the campaign you want to pause, you will see in the middle of the screen at the top your campaign name, and below that you will see a green button that says “Active”. Click on that green button and select the option to “pause campaign”.

When you are running an expert mode campaign, the process is very similar. Click on the campaign that you want to pause and in the top left corner you will see a button that says “enabled” with a green dot on the left-hand side of it. Click on that button and then click the option that says “paused”.

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