How To Set Max CPC In Google Ads

The Ability To Set A Max Cpc Is One Of The Most Valuable Features Within The Google Ads Platform. Think Of It As The Principle Of A Free Market Economy. Each Advertiser Places Their Bid On How Much They Are Willing To Pay Per Click. The Rule Of Thumb Is That You Only Need To Be Willing To Pay One Cent More Than Your Competitor In Order To Outrank Them As Long As The Quality Score Is The Same.

how to set up a max cpc campaign in google ads

Before You Can Place Your Max Cpc You First Have To Make Sure You Select The Manual Cpc Bid Strategy. To Do This You’ll Go To Your Campaign, Settings, Bid Strategy And There You Will Have An Option To Use Manual Cpc. 

Once You’ve Done This You Can Go To Your Keywords And Place The Max Cpc For Each One. You Should Use The Keyword Planner Tool To Get An Estimate Of How Much The Cost Per Clicks Are In Your Target Area And Use That Number As Your Benchmark.

After A Few Days Or Even A Week Or Two Of Data, You Can Use The Search Impression Share, Lost Top Impression Share Due To Rank/Budget To Gauge How Much You Should Adjust Your Bids. 

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