How To Generate Leads in Google Local Services Ads ?

How To Generate Leads in Google Local Services Ads

Google recently rolled out a new service to generate leads that has been very successful, called Google local services ads. Local services ads help customers connect with your local business on the Google search engine for the services you offer. The ads that you create will only show up to customers who are searching for your services and ensure that the ads are only shown in your area of service. What makes local services ads very interesting and useful is that you only pay Google when you get quality leads, instead of paying per click as is the case with most of the campaigns Google has to offer. 

In order to verify that a quality lead was generated through local services ads, the customer needs to contact you directly through the ad that was created and once that contact has been made (in most cases a phone call), the phone call will be recorded. This will allow you to keep track of how many leads you have received in a certain period of time and it will also help you ensure that the leads that you are getting are qualified. 

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To get started, all you have to do is sign up as a service provider, set your budget, and start showing your ads. To sign up as a service provider, you need to select where your business is located or where you offer your services and then you choose your industry and the services you want to advertise for. Google does ask for some requirements (including local license and insurance requirements) to make sure you have a valid business.  These requirements need to be fulfilled in order to start advertising. Once Google has approved your business, you then choose the budget that best suits your needs or in other words, how many leads you want to receive per week. You can turn your ads on or off at any time, to make sure you’re not overbooked and you can service all of your customers’ needs in time. 

To get started with Google local services ads, click on this link:

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