Do you know why you need a well managed Google Ads campaign?

Published: April 20, 2020

Is your Google ads campaign not getting as many clients as expected? Did you structure the ‘best’ pay-per-click account with the right keywords and optimized copy but have no substantial ROI?

If yes, don’t worry.

It can happen to anyone because there are so many reasons for your ads not showing in Google and giving an ROI.

But the main reason is a poorly managed ad campaign.

Yes, it’s not enough to pay for your campaign and select and use the right keywords. It requires proper management, which constitutes the consistent monitoring and analysis of your ads’ performance. You need to use the acquired data to optimize your campaign accordingly.

There’s so much to do, taking so much of your time and effort. That’s why many people prefer hiring a Google Ads expert to manage their Google Ads campaign using the following strategies.

• Proper ad understanding

An expert keeps your platform’s strengths and weaknesses in mind while designing your campaign to give you high ROI. Though a significant investment, the right ads give highly-targeted and measurable results for lead and sales generation.

In short, even though Google Adwords is expensive, it’s well worth the investment if optimized adequately with an appropriate CPC bid.

• Understanding the target audience

Experts also invest time and resources in fully understanding your audience before drawing up a campaign. They do things like visit sites your target audience spends time in.

They notice things like the language style used on the sites, what visitors do and look for, and check your competitor ad campaigns. While the ads platform does help you do all of this, its time-consuming. Besides, it’s also challenging for some people to understand.

• Using Individual campaign goals

Considering the amount of money you invest in your ads campaign, it’s not surprising that you get over ambitious with it. You may want to use the same ads to target all of your campaigning goals.

However, an expert will suggest focusing on one specific goal for each campaign. It’s because it helps dramatically improve your campaign’s overall ROI.

• Creating a targeted landing page

Many people make the mistake of directing your paid ads traffic to your website’s home page. It’s because it doesn’t help in roping in new clients as expected.


Users tend to look for something specific while searching. So directing them to your home page with various other options and elements is a waste of their time, and your money.

A Google ads expert will instead suggest a remedy to the problem.

It involves building highly targeted landing pages addressing the queries users enter into Google. With these landing pages serving a single purpose, they create a clearer path for customers to follow. Customers find an answer or a solution to their query, which in turn leads to a higher chance of converting.

• Avoiding disapproved and negative keywords

Google has a huge bunch of disapproved keywords like alcohol, fireworks, pornography, and drugs. They have to be avoided, and not used in your campaign at all.

And while negative keywords may help block undesired traffic, they may sometimes nullify other keywords in a given ad group. The expert monitors your campaign and ensures these keywords are not used in the campaign.

• Ensuring a positive ROI generated.

As mentioned earlier, you start ad campaigns with specific goals in mind.

So you must verify you are going in the right direction once the campaign is up and running. You do this by calculating to find out whether the investment in the ad campaign is generating the projected positive ROI or not.

• Keep on testing

Looking at all of this, it’s quite evident that a Google ad marketing campaign doesn’t give positive results so quickly. It takes lots of work to get started, and once it’s running, you will have to keep on testing it and continuously make adjustments.

You will have to use different variations of ad copy, keywords, and landing pages to find out which works the best and which doesn’t work. Sometimes a small change or improvement somewhere makes a substantial long term difference.

This again takes lots of precious time that you can otherwise devote to running your business. However, as testing is a necessity, it’s better to leave it to a Google ads expert.


So you see, a Google ads campaign is a significant investment and way to rope in new clients. However, it’s not enough to pay for your ads and start the campaign.

You need someone to continually monitor how the campaign fares, and if you need to make any changes. This, however, takes time, which is why it’s better if a Google Ads expert manages your Google ads campaign.

It’s worth it.

Remember, even the small change the expert notices and revises can lead to an eventual but considerable difference in your ROI.