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Welcome to Our Blog

Do you know why you need a well managed Google Ads campaign?

Published: April 20, 2020

Is your Google ads campaign not getting as many clients as expected? Did you structure the ‘best’ pay-per-click account with the right keywords and optimized copy but have no substantial ROI? If yes, don’t worry. It can happen to anyone because there are so many reasons for your ads not showing in Google and giving […]

9 Questions To Ask Your Google Ads Expert

Published: May 22, 2019

You, like most businesspeople, must know that Google AdWords is necessary for a good website ranking and online visibility. Like them, you too may not know how AdWords actually works. This is where a Google Ads expert proves helpful at maximizing your online visibility using the right Google AdWords. However, this is possible only if […]

What is PPC management and why your business needs it?

Published: April 25, 2019

Millions of advertisers invest in PPC management proving it’s a lucrative marketing option. However while many may have heard about PPC management, not many know what it actually is and how it works. It’s only if you understand this will you be able to realize how you can benefit from it. So here’s a rundown […]

Why create mobile-first web designs?

Published: April 25, 2019

With the mobile phone having an integral role in everyone’s lives, and with practically everyone having one, mobile phones are now popularly used to access the internet instead of the desktop. In fact, studies show that the percentage of people using the mobile phone to surf the internet has increased from 57 to 63% over […]

Digital Marketing For Start-up Businesses in 2019

Published: March 14, 2019

Starting your own start-up business is no piece of cake. You spend so much money, time and effort in building it. But just setting up a business isn’t enough. You need to start marketing and let people know about you. Many start-ups make the mistake of not advertising about themselves because they consider it an […]