How Much Are Google Ads Cost

How Much Do Google Ads Costs

Google ads cost is measured by the average cost per click you get for specific keywords, multiplied by the number of clicks you get in a certain time period. Normally, to run a successful Google ads search campaign you would need to invest a minimum of $700-$800. This number will vary per industry and will…

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How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad On Google?

How Much A Google Ad Cost

A very common question for those who have no experience with Google ads is, how much does it cost? The answer to this question is very simple: It depends on your industry and location.  When you run a Google ads campaign, one of the first steps is to do keyword research based on the most…

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How To Add A Landing Page To Google Ads.

Add a Landing Page to Google Ads

Having a landing page for your Google ads account is one of the requirements in order to start showing your ads. Remember that when you get a click on any of the ads you are actively showing, those clicks are redirected to your landing page or website and the whole idea is for those interested…

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Why Don’t I See My Google Ad

why my ads are not showing on google

When you recently launch a google ads campaign, you want to make sure that your ads are showing and you also want to see how your ad looks when users are searching for your keywords. Because of this, it is very common that you to try to search for your ads as a user and…

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How to Bulk Add UTM Parameters to Google Ads

how and when to add UTM parameters in google ads

Bulk adding UTM parameters to Google is a very common question, and it may sound complicated but it only takes a few simple steps in order to accomplish this.  Normally, you want to add UTM parameters to track your campaign’s performance across multiple traffic sources and publishing media. Here are the simple steps to bulk…

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How To Set Max CPC In Google Ads

how to set up a max cpc campaign in google ads

The Ability To Set A Max Cpc Is One Of The Most Valuable Features Within The Google Ads Platform. Think Of It As The Principle Of A Free Market Economy. Each Advertiser Places Their Bid On How Much They Are Willing To Pay Per Click. The Rule Of Thumb Is That You Only Need To…

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What Does A Google Ad Specialist Do?

What does a Google Ads specialist do

Let’s First Review What Knowledge And Skills A Google Ads Specialist Needs To Have And Then We’ll Go Over The Roles And Responsibilities. A Google Ads Specialist Should Have In-Depth Knowledge Of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business, Google Search Console, And Ofcourse Google Ads. A Google Ads Specialist Also Needs To Have…

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Google Ads Expert Mode & What Does It Means?

what is expert mode in Google Ads

Expert mode is the Google Ads platform which gives you access to all the advanced settings. Experienced advertisers generally create their Google Ads campaigns in expert mode and analyze all the KPIs to optimize towards increasing conversion rates while lowering cost per acquisition.  The most important KPIs in expert mode campaigns are: Clicks, Impressions, Average…

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How To Set Up Remarketing Campaign in Google Ads

Set Up Remarketing Campaign in Google Ads

Setting up a remarketing campaign in Google ads may sound a little complicated, but if you follow these steps it should be a simple process. A remarketing campaign is a campaign type that shows specific ads to a specific audience that we build. That audience in most cases is those who have visited your website…

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How To Set Up A Campaign In Google Ads

How to Set up a Campaign in Google Ads

In this blog we will discuss how to properly set up a campaign in Google ads. We won’t be able to go into too much detail as we will do for future blogs corresponding to each individual campaign type. So, the first thing we need to understand is that in Google ads we have several…

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