9 Questions To Ask Your Google Ads Expert

Published: May 22, 2019

You, like most businesspeople, must know that Google AdWords is necessary for a good website ranking and online visibility. Like them, you too may not know how AdWords actually works.

This is where a Google Ads expert proves helpful at maximizing your online visibility using the right Google AdWords. However, this is possible only if you choose the right person for the job.

With so many PPC advertising agencies around, these questions should prove helpful at narrowing down your options, so that you choose and hire the best Google Ads expert for your website promotion.

1.What can I expect in my Google AdWords campaign?

Don’t sign any agreements until you know and understand everything that will be done in the campaign. Find out about the techniques they plan to use, their PPC campaign methodology and other things like if there’s a minimum contract period and if they will be doing keyword research.

2. Who will be managing my account?

Some companies tend to outsource the management of accounts. This is not advisable because you don’t know how the other person works. It’s better to work with PPC companies that have their own Google Ads experts, and who let you speak to the person.

3. How will you be communicating with me?

It’s always better to work with Google AdWords experts who keep in periodical touch with you. This is to ensure you know what’s going on with your campaign and to keep you updated about it. Find out how often you may expect to hear from them, and if correspondence will be through a call or an email.

4. When will I receive reports, and is it included in your charges?

Ask the company how often they send reports to their customers. Most Google AdWords companies send one every month through charts showing your campaign’s improvement. Find out if it’s included in your charges or if there’s an additional charge for it.

5. How does your company measure or define success?

Find out how the Google Ads expert measures your success because a tracking mechanism has to be set up from the start of the campaign. It’s usually through conversions and click-through-rates where the type of conversions all depends on your business. It may be a completed form, a sale or a download, and the expert keeps track by setting up a tracking mechanism.

6. How do you calculate the campaign price, and is there any monthly minimum?

Different PPC companies use different parameters for calculating campaign prices. Some have fixed rates, others charge a monthly percentage and others charge on an hourly basis.

This is why it’s important you know how your Google Ads expert charges. Also, find out what percentage is for the Ads and how much for the agency fee. Besides, most agencies have a monthly minimal ad spend, so be ready for it. They should, however, be clear about this and mention it at the beginning.

7. How do you do your keyword research?

Most PPC campaigns use keyword research tools to find out the more relevant and high-traffic keywords for your business, and variations of existing keywords. Some even take the trouble of finding negative keywords to ensure your website receives the right traffic.

8. Do you have similar past samples I can check out?

The company may or may not divulge their past clients’ names. However, they are usually ready to provide some examples and information about similar AdWords accounts they had managed.

The benefit of this is to get an idea of their work, and nothing else because not all AdWords strategies are the same. Some are more advanced and need a larger team working on it, especially for bigger companies.

Some may even integrate your PPC advertising into a functional inbound marketing campaign. This is why you need to ensure the Google Ads expert will be able to handle your needs and requirements to make your investment worth it.

9. Are you a Google partner?

It’s always better to work with Google Ads experts who are official Google partners too. It’s not only proof of their knowledge and experience, but also means that they follow standard AdWords best practices. Asking these 9 questions, and getting the right answers, ensure you clear all your doubts and that you select the right Google Ads expert for your PPC advertising campaign.